Endoderm (marmot burrows)

2012 - 2013. Bronze
110 cm x 880 cm x 330
Acquired by our circle of donators.

The artist Mirko Baselgia is interested in animal architecture. For this work he had marmot burrows filled with cement, dug out and then cast in bronze in a foundry in Naples. The branching scurfy form of the raw cast with its earthy patina is now spanned at a right angle between two walls. Above our heads we can see something that is otherwise invisible, almost unimaginable: the outside of a cave. The title Endoderm refers to an inner skin layer, an embryotic primal mass from which the organs are formed. Mirko Baselgia was born in Lantsch/Lenz in 1982. He trained at the Kunsthochschule in Zurich, first as an architect, then as an artist.


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