Music for Twilight

2000. Ten concealed loudspeakers, electronic control unit

A quarter of an hour before sunset, Walter Fähndrich’s Music for Twilight is played underneath three lime trees on the Schönthalköpfli. The composition gives the impression of having been brought forth by the place itself. «Each time the order of notes changes», says the composer, «appearing in ones, twos, or threes, punctuated by pauses, overlapping, mutually reinforcing and making space for each other. Softly, playfully and unexpectedly, the music spins a fine mesh throughout this semicircle. Is the twilight breathing? Little will-o’-the-wisps shine out; the wood sings.» Walter Fähndrich was born in 1944 in the canton Zug, teaches at the Music Academy Basle and lives in Brissago.

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