This florid oasis is not so much a classical cloister garden as an ornamental-cum-kitchen garden. It has been laid over the past ten years. A dozen or so traditional medicinal herbs grow here, such as aconitum, different species of iris and poppy, Aaron’s rod and evening primrose. The aromatic spice and tea herbs, like basil, savoury and thyme, lavender, sage and lemon balm, are used in the kitchen of the guesthouse. One particular feature is that all the vegetation is integrated harmoniously into the indigenous habitat. Plants like buttercups and wild forget-me-nots, otherwise frowned upon as weeds, contribute, in limited numbers, to the overall colour scheme. This abundance of colours and shapes is underscored by well-placed decorative plants, both familiar and rare. The fundamental creative principle is guided discretely and tended carefully, in keeping with the dynamism of growth and decay inherent in the passing of the seasons.

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