KAKASHI 2012/13
Outside temporarily from 25.8.2013 to 1.12.2013

Kakashi is a typical work by the Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas, who now lives in New York. He creates a rich play of light refractions and reflexes using the simplest of materials. This work was made of Japanese snow posts and bird ribbons for the vast landscape of the Japanese Echigo Tsumari Art Field in 2012. It was erected on the Steinacker 300 m north of the monastery in connection with the artist’s large solo exhibition at the Museum Tinguely. If viewed from the elevation by the three linden trees, Kakashi appears as a circular, floating shape. This perception alters on entry. After the winter break, the oscillating ribbons give themselves up again to the Jura winds.

→ In cooperation with Museum Tinguely
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