Outside temporarily from 17.6.2003 to 21.9.2003

The “Kunsthaus Zug mobil” made its fifth stop in Schönthal. As part of a new kind of collection project, the Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamati was active in the Kunsthaus Zug from 1996 to 1999. Collecting is not just a matter of amassing material possessions, but of being involved in an artistic process. Over the years, this project produced not only various large temporary installations in the old town of Zug and by the lake, but also many sketches on paper, models made of balsa wood and a grandiose photographic essay by the artist Guido Baselgia from Zug. These materials were brought together in the presentation in Schönthal, and the artist also designed a wooden gangplank between the church and the container to express the connection between the two institutions. The large table and benches next to the Schindel barn on the ridge are a reminder today of Kawamata’s presence in Schönthal.

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