In the Abbot's Room from 11.5.2014 to 31.8.2014

The artist Annetta Grisard from Riehen brought back a series of outstanding photographs from her trip to the Antarctis in 2013. A luminous iceberg rises up against an inky-blue horizon. In the rippling of the waves, the misty grey of the sky and the petrified layers of the ice and snow covers, we can recognise water in all its aggregate states and study the infinite diversity of the textures. The ice, initially sharp edged and brittle like a crag, melts and dissolves in the moisture so as to combine again with the sky in hazy swathes.

Fascinated by this energy, the photographer confronts us with this spectacle of nature and reenacts it as a painter with forceful gestures in a series of paintings and lithographs.

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