In the Monastery Church from 25.5.2002 to 27.10.2002

It all began when Erwin Wortelkamp drew closer to the beech tree on the Weissweide for the first time in April 2001. The leaseholder of the estate was happy to let the artist use the tree, which had been felled by the storm Lothar in December 1999. The sculpture Liegende (The Prostrate), as the artist modestly calls it after four months’ work, is in itself a sculptural landscape when inspected closely in all its detail. One day it will take up the dialogue with its surroundings at its original location and be exposed to the elements once again. In the church hall it establishes its great site-unspecific autonomous artistic quality, surrounded by small objects made from the same tree and paintings.

→ To the artist‘s foundation Wortelkamp Im Tal
→ Wortelkamp‘s beech tree in the sculpture park
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