In the Monastery Church from 28.4.2012 to 28.10.2012

Martin Disler (1949 to 1996) is considered to be one of the most important and influential Swiss artist personalities of the 1970s and 80s. His exhibitions at home and abroad were always prepared well in advance and oriented round the spatial givens with the aim of achieving something holistic and unique. In keeping with this concept, we were showing monumental paintings from Disler’s late work in the monastery church. The motifs we have chosen, with names like “die letzten Kisten” (last boxes) and “erhörtes Gebet” (answered prayer) recall the history of the former monastery. In 1525 it was afflicted by peasant uprising and merciless vandalism. The fate of the last nuns and the origins of the skeletons found are unknown. Disler’s eruptive way of working and his craving for life, creativity and transience, combine with the history and the Romanesque architecture of the monastery to form a creative whole. To accompany the exhibition we are also showing Disler’s bronze figures “Häutung und Tanz” (Shedding of Skin and Dancing) in our sculpture parc.

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